Sang Sang Exchange was founded in year 1993. Being around for many years, Sang Sang Exchange had been gaining good reputation from the public. Credible, reliable and simple is why the public loves Sang Sang Exchange. We provide diversified services with an affordable price. Sang Sang Exchange had been the public’s favourite for a very long time.

Although Sang Sang Exchange had been around for a long time, we are still dedicated to treat all clients and customers equally and with sincerity. Our staffs are all well-trained with professional knowledge, skills and manner to ensure to provide a heart-warming service to our clients and customers.

For our clients’ and customers’ convenient, we provide more than 60 types of foreign currency exchange service with an affordable rate to cater all our clients’ and customers’ needs. Other than utilizing the latest model of validators that trusted by the banks, we also keep our e-transaction system up-to-date for a more user-friendly experience in managing clients’ and customers’ transaction process.

You are welcome to visit Sang Sang Exchange to experience our extraordinary quality of services.

Sang Sang Exchange holds a regulated operation license (12-08-00720) issued by the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department.

Fond Exchange story

Fond Exchange was first founded in the 60s and had been operating based on sincerity and honesty. In 2014, Fond Exchange was registered under regulations and continue to serves its historical mission and provide the best foreign exchange/remittance service for the public of Shatin.

In 2014, Fond Exchange joint venture with Sang Sang Exchange to dive into a new venture in Shatin Plaza. We are always doing our best to meet our client’s requirements. Fond Exchange inherit the historical principle of sincerity and honesty to ensure the public enjoy the most prestigious foreign exchange or remittance service experience with us.

“Speedy, Professional and Low Processing Fees” is our principle when serving the public. To ensure the service quality, our staffs are all well trained with professional knowledge to ensure all foreign exchange and remittance service are all time and cost-effective. We also provide ordering/reservation services where we are just one call away.
Fond Exchange continue to upgrade ourselves to follow the changes of era. We appreciate all feedback from our clients and customers and dedicate to provide a better service each time. A heart-warming experience is what we would love our clients and customers to experience here in Fond Exchange.

You can always set your mind at rest when using Fond Exchange. We strictly monitor and manage the privacy of our clients and will not disclose any personal information. We are at your service at all time and always your first choice for foreign exchange and remittance services.

Fond Exchange holds legal operation license (14-10-01515) issued by the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department.

Kindly note that there are only two authorized outlets of Sang Sang Exchange
1 Shop 22K, 3/F ShaTin Plaza
2 Shop C9-C10 1/F, Kings Wing Plaza, 2 No. 1 On Kwan St., Shatin, N.T. Hong Kong
Sang Sang Exchange do not hold responsibility for any outlets with similar names other than the authorized outlets as above.